We all have habits we want to build, goals we aspire to, endeavours we want to achieve. Sometimes we give up because we lose the motivation. Perseverance is a hard virtue. Carrot is the App to make it easy!
Get started in no time.
Carrot comes with a beautiful simplistic view of your goals and rewards. What habits do you want to build? What are the goals you have in mind? And how do you want to reward yourself?
Get inspiration from friends and others in the world on habits and goals that you want to achieve too. Explore creative and attractive rewards that you want to attach to your goals too! Browse through other's ideas to better health, happier living, fun personal endeavors.
Notifications to remind you how close you are to your goals and rewards. Share your progress with friends and family, receive encouragements and props along the way. Receive aspirational quotes, beautiful gallery updates to energise yourself.
What better than to get sponsors for that reward you've always wanted? Your friends and family can contribute towards your goal by chipping in for your reward. We will line up merchant sponsorships and discounts to make that reward even sweeter. How about getting healthier with exercising daily, and getting a new pair of running shoes with merchant sponsored discount?